My book chapter is out!

I am delighted to announce that the chapter I wrote for Senses of Focusing (Vol. II) is out in print now, and available by clicking this link The chapter is titled ‘Writing at the Edge’ and looks at how language interacts with our psyche to develop our sense of the world in profound ways.Continue reading “My book chapter is out!”

Because it is Autistic Pride Day

I have a suggestion for employers⏤a quick-fix for improving working conditions for autistic staff would be to have a sensory quiet room: this would be a designated space where autistic staff could go to chill out, recharge and recalibrate; in fact, this could be a space for all staff to de-stress. Such a space shouldContinue reading “Because it is Autistic Pride Day”

Five Things Everyone Ought to Know About Autism

Despite a burgeoning of trainings and autism awareness initiatives, the truth is that the actual awareness of what autism is and⏤more importantly⏤feels like as a lived experience remains woefully low. The purpose of this blog isn’t to point the finger: I knew next-to-nothing about autism until I found out I was autistic, so I don’tContinue reading “Five Things Everyone Ought to Know About Autism”

Everything I Know About Autism I Learned from Twitter

Autistic people, by and large, don’t like #AutismAwarenessWeek. I learned this from Twitter. I found out I was autistic about 18 months ago⏤big surprise⏤after a chance encounter with an autistic person. The main reason I went so long without knowing I was autistic is because autism awareness initiatives and training are in the main veryContinue reading “Everything I Know About Autism I Learned from Twitter”

On Being a Working Class Professional

“Why is it that everyone from your school is a criminal crackhead?” “Why is everyone from yours a Tory minister?” Zadie Smith NW This piece could be seen as a follow-on from my blog on imposter syndrome, where I suggested that the reason some people feel inauthentic in professional roles may be more structural thanContinue reading “On Being a Working Class Professional”