On Why We Don’t Need More Autisms

As we all know, autism is a spectrum disorder meaning that there is a wide range of abilities and difficulties that sit under that umbrella. Recently there has been a suggestion that a new category of autism called “profound autism” is needed to differentiate between so-called “high functioning” autistics and individuals with greater support needs.Continue reading “On Why We Don’t Need More Autisms”

On Autistic Masking

Autistic masking, also known as camouflaging or compensation, refers to the act of consciously or unconsciously hiding or suppressing autistic traits, behaviours, and emotions in social situations. Autistic people develop masking as a coping mechanism to fit in and appear ‘normal’ or socially acceptable to others, but it can come at a significant cost toContinue reading “On Autistic Masking”

On Neurotypical Therapists Working With Neurodivergent Clients

April is Autism Acceptance Month so I wanted to say something about neurotypical therapists working with neurodivergent clients⏤as someone who is autistic, a therapist, and very frequently a client too. This can be a relationship that functions well, but learning to relate involves more than acquiring information. Neurotypical therapists will need to do a lotContinue reading “On Neurotypical Therapists Working With Neurodivergent Clients”